Non-Profit Directory for Steuben County

On this site, you will find a list of several non-profits that serve the needs of Steuben County.  This directory will include the non-profit’s name, mission statement, main point of contact, and contact information.   Please use this directory as both a venue for charitable giving, and an easier route to finding the support you need. If you have questions for these non-profits, please contact them directly with the information provided.

The Steuben County Community Foundation is not responsible for seeking out updates to information listed on this site. We ask that the nonprofits notify Foundation staff of any changes or updates by calling 260-665-6656 or emailing

The Steuben County Community Foundation
1701 N Wayne Street
Angola, IN 46703
(p) 260-665-6656     (f) 260-665-8420

*Disclaimer: Nonprofit organizations must meet criteria to be included in this directory. They have to be a 501c3 Non-Profit recognized by the IRS. Churches and service clubs are not included in this directory. Fraternities and Sororities will also not be included. SCCF has final discretion of what is listed.  The nonprofit organization must be located in or serve residents of Steuben County.  If you currently do not have a 501c3 status, but receive it, please contact SCCF at 260-665-6656 and we will update the directory.


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