Shape Up Steuben

Shape Up Steuben

PO Box 659

Angola, IN 46703

Shape Up Steuben is a wellness initiative for the Steuben County community.  They encourage people to get involved with the many resources and events already in the area, but also host their own events that promote health.  Their mission is to raise awareness of the resources, programs, and community events that promote a healthy lifestyle and improve the quality of life. Resources have been developed such as a website, Facebook account, email address, PowerPoint Presentation, and a brochure for community awareness.  Shape Up Steuben is all about bringing the Steuben County community to be aware of the various wellness opportunities offered annually.

To Contact you can call Bill Maddock at 260-667-4265 or email or for more information, or call Ryan Sheets at 419-324-6308 or email




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